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Created for the fierce and loving front liners...this is for you!


Hello my caregiver heroes and tribe!!! 

I'm Angie Cockings and I'm here to share my caregiving journey and provide you a road map, and a view from my own windshield to help you avoid some detours and pot holes along the way .  My sweet husband, Brad, was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer at the age of  46; and 9 months in to our new marriage. We have blended our family consisting of 5 children and 1 precious grandson... and 2 dogs.  We are Blessed in so many ways and, since the diagnosis, have also traveled down some dark and winding roads during our journey together.  Navigating a new marriage, children and cancer has it's peaks and valleys and while we are thankful beyond measure, I wanted to share some insight in to this wild adventure and how, to date, we have survived it and continue to learn on a daily basis.   


Im so excited to launch this website for all us going through the victories, and the challenges of caring for a loved one in need.  Whatever the reason you are, so lovingly, called a "Caregiver" this website is for YOU. With little information on caregiving, or forums for us warriors, I wanted you to know you are welcome here with NO judgements and tons of love.  This was created for us to encourage, inspire and be honest about the hurdles we face.  Jump in the VW with me and lets roll down the windows, crank some 80's tunes... and RIDE!    Welcome~Angie


Listen my Podcast

My podcast not only speaks of my personal challenges of caregiving but interviews with my husband, children, and friends who are also caregiving for a loved one. Also some fun podcasts you won't want to miss.

Watch my Vlogs

As Im going through my daily challenges I, on occasion, will make a video of my day from my safe place, my car.  Whether its great news, or a complete meltdown, these truly capture the pure emotion of the moment.  And though some of these are tough to watch today, I'm so happy to share them with you as I know you will understand.  


Check out Photos

Assortment of photos along our journey. 


Don't walk through this alone.  Join our online community.  Ask questions, get and give answers.  

We can do this!!

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